Sculpt Studios - Gold Coast AU

Artwork Title / Eureka Stockade Tribute

Client / Editioned Artwork For Sale

Medium / Bronze, Lost Wax Method, 1/5th human scale

Year / 2011


I got the idea during the recent sacking of Kevin Rudd amidst the Super Profits Tax debacle.

Its a scene of the last stand of the Eureka Stockade rebellion, with Peter Lalor standing defiantly on a barrel whilst shouting instructions to his digger comrades.

Its a statement of Australian mateship and defiance in the face of an oppressive government and basically the right to a 'fair go'.

The Parallel I drew with the Eureka Stockade was basically it was instigated from excessive mining taxes and rough treatment by the government.  What I liked about it was the rebellion was the birthplace of democracy in Australia and these democratic systems came from these diggers that found solidarity in each other and stood together in a life and death situation for what they believed in.

The scene shows the bold and defiant Lalor leading the defence and an already shot digger being helped by another and the fourth waiting to defend his line.

It's not overly aggressive, as indicated by the guns not being aimed at anyone, but shows strength and courage of the men in those final minutes.



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