About Sculpt Studios

Sculpt Studios is Australia’s leading design and construct company, specialising in solutions for urban projects using sculpted environments.

What is a sculpted environment?

A sculpted environment is a space that uses handcrafted visual elements to express it’s intent. We can create spaces that inspire interaction and joy whilst providing ongoing meaning for community and visitors alike. We have built a team of artists from incredibly diverse skill bases to enable us to create truly unique spaces and artworks.

Sculpt studios rockwork

The ironic thing about our sculpted rock is that it can quite often look and feel more real than real rock. How so? With real rock you can only have single boulders by themselves or stacked into an environment. We can create rock formations that appear to be part of strata that has been in the one place for millions of years with site-specific erosions and geology giving the impression that what you see is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Real boulders are often damaged by excavators and heavy equipment leaving them scratched and discoloured. With our formations we can accelerate the erosion process of wind and water and give them interesting colouration including mosses and lichens that may take years to grow.

We can replicate rock from any environment in the world. Whether it is volcanic basalt or wind eroded sandstone, coral limestone or granite. We can create the exact geology for your environment.

The feel of Sculpt Studios rock is satisfyingly solid as we use steel reinforced cement plaster so there is no hollow sound when tapped, only hard natural, rough and smooth textures.

How long does it last? With the anti corrosion protection used on all our steelwork and highest quality cement products and paint you can expect it to last as long as any well made concrete structure. Many decades with periodical re-painting.

Previously, sculpted rock was not given the consideration it deserves. The attention to nature’s finest details that our artists give is unsurpassed.