World’s First Road-Registered Bat Mobile

Pioneering Design Meets Impeccable Engineering

About the project

In 2019, Sculpt Studios took on a trailblazing project that has never been attempted before – the creation of the world’s first road-registered ‘Bat 52’ for Warner Bros Movie World on the Gold Coast.

This ambitious endeavour involved a collaboration with USA Warner Bros and DC Comics, with our team digitally sculpting the car from scratch. Leveraging an HSV Senator as a donor car, we incorporated a 6.2 ltr LS3 motor, running gear, brakes, and electrical within a completely custom built car frame.

The final result was not just an aesthetically impressive vehicle but one that also met the Australian Government’s ADR manufacturing standards. When test driven by V8 Super Car driver Warren Luff, our Bat Mobile received a rousing thumbs up, underscoring the quality and performance of our work. This project stands as a testament to Sculpt Studios’ commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering unique, ‘never been done before’ projects.

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Gold Coast, Australia


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