Batmobile – Bat JL 52

  • Location: Gold Coast
  • Client: Village Roadshow
  • Build Timeframe: 6 Months
  • Year of Build: 2019

In 2019 the Team at Sculpt Studios were thrilled to be commissioned to build the all new Bat Mobile – ‘Bat 52’ for Warner Brothers Movie World on the Gold Coast.

This fully road registered vehicle was entirely scratch built from the ground up.  Working closely with USA Warner Bros and DC Comics, The SS team digitally sculpted the entire car, (including the interior) to produce the World’s first DC Comics approved road registered Bat Mobile!

The car had a ‘professional race car frame designer’ digitally design the car’s complete frame and running gear connections. Being an oversized vehicle, this was unique territory.  Classed as a ICV , or Individually constructed vehicle, An Australian Government certified automotive engineer was also engaged to test and check all of the build/engineering processes to make sure it passed ADR manufacturing standards.

Sourcing and Utilising a HSV Senator as a donor car,  the team were able to transplant the 6.2 ltr LS3 motor, running gear, brakes and electrical  within the new Bat Mobile Frame.

All of the panels were cast from gelcoat and fibreglass and fitted off.  The interior and the dash board is a combination of a Lamborghini Aventador 3D model and various Bat mobile car references.

Upon completion, V8 Super Car driver, Warren Luff test drove the new Bat Mobile at the race track and gave it the thumbs up.

The Sculpt Studios team are proud to have designed and built the worlds only Warner Bros/DC Comics approved fully road registered Bat Mobile

and have once again delivered a ‘never been done before’ project.