Themed 3D Environments

Theme Park Precincts

About The Project

Sculpt Studios has delivered Australia’s best themed 3D environments for theme park precincts over the past decade.

Working with project architects, engineers and general contractors, Sculpt Studios fabricates themed environments with 3D architectural elements, custom cladding and facades, scenic paint, floor coverings, rock work, GFRC elements and the list goes on.

The popularity and quality of these iconic rides and precincts speak for themselves.

Some Of The Precincts Are:

  • Nickelodeon Land, Seaworld
  • Justice League, Movieworld
  • Green Lantern, Movieworld
  • DC Rivals Hypercoaster, Movieworld
  • Jet Rescue Coaster, Seaworld
  • Arkham Asylum, Movieworld
  • Junior Driving School Movieworld
  • Storm Coaster, Seaworld
  • DC Rivals, Doomsday, Movieworld
  • Spooky Coaster 2.0 Movieworld
  • Shaun the Sheep, Paradise Country
  • Seal Guardians show Seaworld
  • Creatures of the Deep, Seaworld
  • Seaworld Plaza, themed food court area
  • Atlantis Vortex, Seaworld
  • Atlantis Trident, Seaworld
  • Atlantis Leviathan, Seaworld
  • Marvin the Martian, Cosmic Boom, Movieworld
  • Castaway Bay, Seaworld
  • Wet N Wild Junior, Wet n Wild
  • Nickelodeon Splash Zone, Sydney Wet’n Wild
  • Nickelodeon Splash Bash, Seaworld Resort
  • Castaway Bay, Battleboats, Seaworld
  • Castaway Reef, splash zone

Our Clients

Valued Partnerships, Exceptional Results

At Sculpt Studios, we understand the importance of developing strong client relationships built on trust and open communication. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire design and fabrication process to ensure that we bring their artistic visions to life in the most stunning and unique ways possible.

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