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About The Project

Sculpt Studios is also Australia’s leading zoo enclosure fabricator. Sculpt Studios designs and installs environments for both the animals on exhibit and the themed environments for the guests and visitors.

By the end of 2023, Sculpt Studios will have built over 91 Zoo enclosures and exhibits within the past decade. We work with Architects and zoo keepers, life sciences teams and engineers to design zoo environments to achieve the best possible outcome for the animals and the visitor experience. The number of repeat projects to build zoo enclosures is testament to the trust our clients have in Sculpt Studios and the world class outcomes we regularly deliver.

The quality of Sculpt Studios rock work and trees have been developed for over two decades. In 2000 Liam was selected as a field art director for the Tokyo Disney Sea project. Liam worked with the best cement sculptors in the world, learning about the entire process from the leading creative practices Disney had to offer.

The clear difference in quality can be seen in Sculpt Studios projects as the creative team continually improve and refine their skills in replicating natural environments.